November 2014 in the Cookery

Ranger and I have been contemplating how much we spend on groceries lately. It’s just the two of us, and depending on our culinary and canning inclinations, we can spend between $500-$1000 depending on the month. Yikes!

I am determined to develop a vegetarian meal plan for the two of us to eat on $400 a month. Preferably less, since there will be the spring CSA bill in February and our late summer/fall canning extravaganza as well. Next year, I hope to find lots of produce to put up for free, but that’s a strategy I’ll have to work on as the winter months progress.

This month, the snow is getting ready to fall, and we’re striving for a healthy vegetarian freezer friendly meal plan that’s still interesting and winter satisfying.

Here’s what’s on the menu – we plan on eating each of these dinners 2-3 times, lunches and breakfasts much more frequently.


Black bean, tempeh, and sweet potato soft tacos

Stuffed spinach and ricotta shells

Vegetarian spicy quinoa chili

Vegetarian freezer lasagna

Swift tamale pie


Easy bake pasta primavera with corkscrew noodles

Light Veggie Shepherd’s Pie

Tofu marinades four ways



Tomato Lentil Barley Soup

Vegetarian Vegetable Soup

Black Bean and Rice Bowls

Bean Burritos – for Ranger


Egg McMuffin Sandwiches

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